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Arbitration and related activity

Geoffrey Hartwell has acted (in the UK and internationally) as an arbitrator and adjudicator, as an expert mediator and conciliator, as an expert investigator and assessor for arbitral tribunals and also as a Special Referee in the High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man.
As an Expert witness and technical advisor to legal teams, he has experience of both civil and criminal cases and has been called to assist Courts on technical issues by both Prosecution and Defence.
He advises technically upon a variety of contractual matters (at the contract stage and also when problems and differences have arisen).

International Experience:​

Geoffrey Hartwell has experience of the following jurisdictions:
Bahrain, Canada, Czech Republic, England and Wales, France,  Hong Kong, India, Irish Republic, Isle of Man, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria,, Northern Ireland, Qatar, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, USA.

Subjects have included:

Some time Arbitrator on Lists of:

Power Stations - Construction, Boilers and Machinery, Performance Evaluation and Costing, Computer Control Systems, Welding, Lagging.
Water and Sewage Treatment - Chemistry, Performance, Construction
Waste Disposal
Pharmaceutical Chemical Manufacture
Automated Mechanical Handling

Corrosion of Packaging Machinery

Railway Equipment and Rolling Stock



Copyright of Drawings and Designs, Patent Validity and Licensing Agreements
Computer Systems and Equipment,
Maritime Installations
Ship's Electrical Systems
Construction of Swimming Pools
Process Plant

Energy Metering
Electrical Accidents, Fires, Death by Electric Shock
Delays and Disruption in Construction Contracts
International Sub-Contracting & Contracting

FIDIC Accredited Adjudicator
NMA Accredited Mediator

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Institution of Civil Engineers
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Institution of Electrical Engineers
Institution of Chemical Engineers
World Intellectual Property Organisation
London Court of International Arbitration
European Court of Arbitration


International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR)

China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
Fédération International des Ingénieurs Conseils (List for ICC)
Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration
Hong Kong Arbitration Centre
Singapore International Arbitration Centre
Indian Council of Arbitration
Cour D'Arbitrage de l'Europe du Nord
Mauritius Chamber of Commerce

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