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Technical Areas : Engineering, manufacturing and construction, international trade, energy and industry 

Engineering is a varied career and these are examples of projects and other tasks I found interesting

Nigeria - Electronics


Design proposal for Domestic Electronics Manufacturing Plant. Radio and Television; Music Centres and Domestic Tape Recorders,

Proposal for tape production and manufacture of compact tape cassettes. 



UK Maritime
Roll-On Roll-Off


     At Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight, Geoffrey designed an hydraulically-operated vehicle ramp to engage with ferries at all states of the tide.

     Remote radio control enables the ramp to be trimmed by the approaching vessel.  The project included car marshalling and adjustable area lighting,


Ipswich - Central Control for Water Supply Network

 The entire system of pumping stations, treatment works and distribution had new instrumentatioon and control connected by radio and landline telemetry to a central base station.

Geoffrey designed and managed the entire scheme wit a dedisated design team. 


​Sorry these items aren't finished yet.  Watch this space.

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