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Chair for Arbitrator, Engineer, Adjudicator, Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell
Arbitrator, Engineer, Adjudicator, Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell's Vernier Callipers

Expert Witness

     One time Chairman of the Expert Witness Society, Geoffrey Hartwell has experience of giving evidence in court (in both civil and criminal matters) and in International Arbitration.

     He sometimes is retained as a Single Joint Expert or as a Tribunal Expert. Even when retained on behalf of a Client he, like all Experts, has an overriding responsibility to the Court or Tribunal 

Expert Evaluation or


     If you require a technical expert to look into your differences, Geoffrey can be engaged either to advise on the solution or to give a binding decision.

     With none of the formality of Adjudication or Arbitration, Expertise often can provide parties with the result they need without putting their commercial relations at risk.

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