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Career History:
British Tanker Company Ltd.

Seagoing Engineer Officer.
Steam, diesel and electrically driven machinery.


Sperry Gyroscope Co. Ltd.
Research and Development assistant.
Precision instrumentation, airborne systems, environmental testing and flight trials.


Louis Newmark Ltd.
Research and Development engineer.
Precision instruments, aircraft stabilisers and autopilot design.


Atomic Power Constructions Ltd.
Design engineer.
Design, commissioning and laboratory calibration of nuclear reactor instrumentation, controls and safety systems.


Locke Electronics Limited
Managing Director.

Instrumentation, telemetry and control for water, gas and sewage industries. Domestic electronics.


Central Electricity Generating Board.
Senior Engineer, Nuclear Plant Design Branch.
Nuclear fuel handling machinery, reactor control and safety, ICA.


Atomic Power Constructions Limited.
Deputy Chief Systems Engineer.
Design and operational studies for high temperature, gas cooled nuclear power plant. Preliminary studies for oil-fired power plant.


BHA Cromwell House. (Formerly Beresford Hartwell and Associates)
Principal (later Senior Partner)
Power generation, supply and distribution. Water and wastewater treatment and handling. Solid waste handling. Process Engineering. Moving bridges, marine engineering, maritime installations.
Machinery design; ICA. (Instrumentation, Control and Automation), Communications systems.

Technical and contractual advice; Arbitration, Adjudication, Mediation, Expertise and Conciliation.
Occasional lecturer and course director of courses on Arbitration and on the role of experts in the legal system.


University of Glamorgan - Law School
External Professor of Arbitration Law
Part-time lecturer, LlM in Commercial Dispute Resolution
Philosophy and Ethics of Dispute Resolution; Arbitration Law; Arbitration Practice


Brunel University Law School - Visiting Professor

Visiting Lecturer in Arbitration Law - Kingston-upon-Thames University
                                                   Cardiff University


2006 to date
Consulting Engineer, Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Expert
in Private Practice.
Visiting Professor University of South Wales
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