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Modernisation of The Tower Bridge, London

The Tower Bridge for Arbitrator, Engineer, Adjudicator, Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell

Modernisation:  The original water-driven engines used local accumulators.  The accumulators were recharged, either from the main of the London Hydraulic Company Ltd or by steam-driven pumps located under the South approach to the Bridge.  The London Hydraulic Company supplied power throughout the London docks, for cranes and the like, and throughout the City of London for warehouse cranes and passenger lifts.  It finally ceased business in 1974 (needs confirmation) and the Bridge became driven though the original rack and pinion mechanism by new oil-hydraulic rotary motors, the high pressure oil being provided from electrically driven variable-stroke pumps in the engine rooms in each pier and on either side of the bridge.  It was the writer's privilege, as Senior Partner of Beresford  Hartwell and Associates, to oversee and take part in the design and construction of the new machinery and its associated equipment for Cleveland Bridge Company Ltd.  It was detailed, manufactured and installed by Mactaggart Scott of Loanhead.  I will describe the new machinery here when I have an opportunity. 

Section for Arbitrator, Engineer, Adjudicator, Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell
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